The Power of Color

Short story:

My life changed the day I got my colors done!

When House of Colour Central ND first announced they were ready to accept clients, it was my dad who excitedly shared the news! I’ve stood in front of the mirror many times feeling that the outfit didn’t love me back the same way I loved it. I worked through this roughly on my own to understand color had major influence, but that was as far as I made it solo. So when I saw the House of Colour process I was absolutely intrigued!

If you’re new to the idea, this is from House of Colour’s website:

“Everyone deserves to know their WOW colors. Did you know that you have a unique personal coloring to celebrate? Did you also know that your unique skin tone, eye and hair color cause some colors to enhance your appearance? The concept of personal color analysis started as early as the 1920’s with Johannes Itten’s work with the color wheel. Wearing colors that harmonize with your ‘personal palette’ will make you look younger, healthier, brighter and even thinner.

A Personal Color Consultation is a 2-3 hour service designed to discover and celebrate YOU. Using a sophisticated process and principles of color science, House of Colour consultants use a time-tested process to discover your color season. After defining your personal color palette, we will match mineral powder and blush to your personal coloring, and then help you find YOUR perfect lipsticks! This very personalized service is part of what we call the 90 Second Makeup miracle.

You will leave with a palette of colors personalized to you AND with a new confidence in yourself.”

The first step of the process is to determine if warm or cool colors compliment the skin best. I held my breath almost the whole time! I’ve been requesting cool blonde at my hair appointments for yeaaarrrsss and I wasn’t sure what I would do if I needed to embrace the warm side. Luckily, cool tones loved me back!

Next, the HOC team worked to establish if vivid, bright colors were a better fit or if I responded best with cool, soft and muted. Watching the drapes, I definitely watched my face change. It was incredible! The pictures and video don’t do the process any justice. It’s literal magic to watch the light on the face change.

My mom came with me and she actually went first. I remember when she was wearing a bright fuchsia drape; I asked the HOC team if anyone actually looked good in that color. It was wild to see how much it overwhelmed my mom’s complexion. It was equally wild to how rust suited her so well when comparing the two!

Turns out, I’m someone that can wear bright fuchsia. During the color analysis we found that I’m a winter. Someone that looks radiant in clear, bright, vivid, and icy colors.

The makeup was a big surprise! I was not expecting the primer to be so good; definite surprise of the day. The team goes through their 90 second makeup routine to show how wearing the right colors on your body and face can make all the difference.

Sarah is a makeup artist so when she suggested we try purple blush, I told her to go for it. Mind blown! It didn’t look purple at all. Finding the perfect shades of lipstick was like taking a huge weight off of my shoulders. They knew where to start so the process was much less overwhelming. I now have three shades that work with different points of red.

My first purchase when I got home was this coat. I’d been eyeing it in the camel for months waiting for our appointment. Now, as a winter, I don’t have any true brown in colors. I ordered a color of this coat that I initially scoffed at and it’s amazing how it looks!

The online shopping process has been overwhelming and freeing all at the same time. Overwhelming because I want to find everything I need right now. Freeing because I can scroll so quickly now through pages of items knowing exactly what I’m looking to find.

The process to build a wardrobe will be a long game. Now, I’ll invest in pieces that light me up rather than jumping on fast moving trends. I’ll focus on what clothes love me back as much as I love them. The pieces in my closet will have staying power because they will look great on me.

Krista & Camie are accepting reservations for an appointment in Buchanan, ND and Sarah sees clients in Fargo, ND. Absolutely, put this on your list! I mean every word when I say this process changed my life. Do this for you!

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If you are also a HOC Winter, I am so excited to find clothes with you! Find my growing LiketoKnow.It page here! PS–My new favorite color might be acid yellow!

The magic of the process is difficult to put into words because even photos cannot capture it. If you have any questions, let’s chat it out below!

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    February 16, 2024

    OMG! I found your page through Pinterest after getting my colors done and I’m a jewel tone winter too! Here I thought I was a bright spring!! I was shocked to say the least. You look amazing and please share your finds with clothes and colors as you find them!

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    May 20, 2024

    Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Many thanks for providing these details.

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