Yearly Projections as a Farmer

‘Tis the season of farming from the office.

Yearly projections —

I like them. I like to have an idea of our financial plan for the year. How much are we spending? Where are we spending? How much operating money will we need this season?

I also don’t like projections. We have yield goals based on our fertility plan and average weather. But is the weather ever average?! There is also a marketing plan so I know where my sales need to be to make a profit. But do the markets always hit my open orders? Nope. 🙃

The math for projections is easy. Managing the weather and markets to get my year-end sheet close to my projection sheet is another story. Off to work on it anyway, though. Need to renew our operating note soon and the bank likes to see the numbers. ☺️

Do you feel like you get your projections close for the year?

PS — if you missed it a few weeks ago I talked about how I use excel & google sheets for projections, taxes, etc.

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